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Commonly described as the lungs of the earth, not only do trees provide a habitat for a range of wildlife, they also add value to our lives in many other ways. They supply us with food, fuel and building materials, and they help reduce flooding and clean our polluted air and water supplies. And we all know how crucial nature is to our physical and mental health and wellbeing. MLZS-C organised a host of tree-themed events to mark the "Van Mahotsav Week", including a tree planting event and a roadshow in Chandrapur city to push for forest conservation. We hope you take a Leaf out of MLZS-C’s book and plant your legacy for the coming generations by sowing and growing a tree. A tree-mendously gratifying week :)


ECO-DOCUMENTARY BY MLZS-C A cautionary tale sounding the alarm that we're close to the tipping point of wholesale ecological disaster, if not already irreversibly past it. This documentary from MLZS-C is an earnest plea for action to combat a global catastrophe. We hope the film serves as a compelling indictment of modern profligacy and our budding actors succeed in persuading you to reconsider your wasteful lifestyle choices. #SchoolProject#ShortFilm#RealIndependence